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Press fro The ADD Channel's, The VIRTUAL ZONE

The ADD Channel is an online sketch comedy website focused on distractions. Every episode of each web series falls between one and three minutes long. In today’s technological age, there isn’t much time for seeing and doing it all. Yet, the world still needs to be entertained.

One of The ADD Channel’s web-series, The Virtual Zone, just wrapped on its second season and they are ready for more. The Virtual Zone focuses on actual classified ads from Craigslist. Some are from “the best of” section. Others were found by trolling the enormous website. Craigslist offers a variety of services, from dating to tongue massage; as well as jobs, free stuff, places to rent and places to vent. The ADD Channel is attracted to exposing the craziness that lives in the online world. The Virtual Zone shows just how ridiculous it would be if someone actually said the things that are anonymously typed from behind a keyboard and computer monitor.

Will Brunson stars as Mitch in the first episode from Season Two of The Virtual Zone, titled “Stolen Van“. As the headline implies, Mitch has become a victim of theft. He may have gone to the police to report this crime. Fortunately for The ADD Channel, he also posted a hilarious classified ad on Craigslist. It turns out he had some very personal, private things inside that van.

We asked Will a few questions about his experience shooting The Virtual Zone for The ADD Channel. Here’s what he had to say:


Why did you join The Virtual Zone cast?

“I had always wanted to do something comically and something on the internet for everyone to see.  I found the concept of “The Virtual Zone” to be very creative and I wanted to explore more with some of the character ideas that I had in mind for entertainment purposes.  I was excited to join a group of people who look at comedy the same way I do and wanted to work with talented people like Ayman and Rozine. You know?  The internet is a powerful media tool for entertainment and one day cable TV could pretty much be gone with how much there is to watch online. I think we have just stepped up on to an awesome platform of web entertainment and that’s why I’m so stoked to be a part of this talented cast!”


What does Craigslist represent to you?   


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